star 3.3

Read Entries From a Star Catalog

star extracts selected entries of a source catalog, in any of several formats, listing the results and/or saving them to a disk file in any of several formats. If no options are specified on the command line, allowable options and current parameter values are printed. If the -menu flag is set, the user is prompted for responses through a series of menus. To turn off the prompts, use -nmenu as a command-line argument.

Catalogs available for searching include the SAO Catalog, the PPM Catalog, and the IRAS Point Source Catalog. There are preset scripts, rsao, rppm, and riras to read and search those catalogs. To search the Hubble Space Telescope Guide Star Catalog, use rgsc. To plot stars, use skymap.

The scat program in the WCSTools toolkit provides similar, but less extensive, search capabilities for a larger number of catalogs and is available as C source code.

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