Astronomical Catalogs and Catalog Formats

These catalogs are available and supported by SAO/TDC search and mapping software.
Catalog or Format No. Stars Bytes Region Search Image Search Mapping
USNO-B1.0 Catalog 1,036,366,767 83,614,060,960 sub1 (scat) imub1 (imcat)
GSC II Catalog (2.2.01) 998,402,801 >80,000,000,000 sgsc2 (scat) imgsc2 (imcat)
2MASS Point Source Catalog 470,992,970 31,775,592,000 stmc (scat) imtmc (imcat)
2MASS Extended Source Catalog 1,647,599 11,533,193 stmx (scat) imtmx (imcat)
USNO UCAC5 Catalog 107,758,513 sucac5 (scat), imucac5 (imcat)
USNO UCAC4 Catalog 100,766,420 sucac4 (scat), imucac4 (imcat)
USNO UCAC3 Catalog 100,766,420 8,536,270,559 sucac3 (scat), imucac3 (imcat)
USNO UCAC2 Catalog 48,366,996 2,128,147,841 sucac2 (scat), imucac2 (imcat)
Kepler Input Catalog 13,161,029 3,049,718,007 skic (scat), imkic (imcat)
GSC-ACT Catalog 25,541,952 1,231,787,520 sgsca (scat) imgsca (imcat)
SDSS Photometry Catalog 53 million (DR1) ?? ssdss (scat) imsdss (imcat)
HST Guide Star Catalog 25,541,952 1,231,787,520 sgsc (scat)
imgsc (imcat) skymap
Tycho-2 Catalog 2,539,913 528,721,576 sty2 (scat) imty2 (imcat)
USNO/Hipparcos ACT Catalog 988,758 318,380,076 sact (scat) imact (imcat)
SKY2000 Catalog 299,167 11,368,374 ssky2k (scat) imsky2k (imcat) skymap
PPM Catalog 378,910 22,734,656 sppm (scat) imppm (imcat) skymap
SAO Catalog 258,996 15,539,876 ssao (scat) imsao (imcat) skymap
IRAS Point Source Catalog 245,889 7,376,698 siras (scat) imiras (imcat) skymap
Hipparcos Catalog 118218 4492312 ship (scat) imhip (imcat) skymap
Yale Bright Star Catalog 3256 291548 sbsc (scat) imbsc (imcat) skymap
Starbase tab-delimited ASCII varies varies scat imcat
TDC Space-Delimited ASCII varies varies scat imcat skymap
TDC Binary varies varies scat imcat skymap
USNO-A2.0 Catalog 526,280,881 6,315,370,572 sua2 (scat) imua2 (imcat) skymap
USNO-SA2.0 Catalog 55,368,239 664,418,868 susa2 (scat), imusa2 (imcat)
USNO-A1.0 Catalog 488,006,860 5,856,082,320 sua1 (scat) imua1 (imcat) skymap
USNO-SA1.0 Catalog 54,787,624 657,451,488 susa1 (scat) imusa1 (imcat) skymap
USNO J-1.0 Catalog 19,911,514 238,938,168 sujc (scat) imujc (imcat)

The WCSTools Catalogs page tells how the catalogs are implemented at the Center for Astrophysics and compares them.

The U.S. Naval Observatory Astrometric Catalogs page is a great source of actual catalogs, if not software to use them.


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