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Hectospec is a moderate-resolution, multiobject optical spectrograph fed by 300 optical fibers. It operates at the f/5 Cassegrain focus of the 6.5-meter MMT on Mount Hopkins in Arizona. The instrument is composed of a robotic positioner and a large, bench-mounted spectrograph, joined by a bundle of 25m long optical fibers. Dual robots, dubbed Fred and Ginger, reconfigure all 300 optical fibers in just 300 seconds.

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CCD characteristics and the basic method for reduction of Hectospec fiber spectra

New IDL-based pipeline, HSRED v2.0 now in use at the TDC

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Reduced Data Archive

Virtual Observatory accessible search through all reduced data
Published Data Archive Permanent access to data from several early observing programs

Sample Image

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Sample Extracted Spectra

Good signal-to-noise data from a very preliminary reduction of engineering data taken in October 2003
(absorption and emission lines are marked based on cross-correlation redshifts)
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Here is some information on sky subtraction testing.

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