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Instrument paper

The FAST Spectrograph for the Tillinghast Telescope
by Daniel Fabricant, Peter Cheimets, Nelson Caldwell, and John Geary
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, January 1998,
Volume 110, Issue 743, pp. 79-85.

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FAST Specifications These pages describe the spectrograph and how it works. Much of the same information is in the instrument paper.

FAST Detectors    FAST instrument modification log

Archive Data Paper

Includes observing, processing
and archiving
Center for Astrophysics Optical Infrared Science Archive I. FAST Spectrograph
by Jessica Mink, Warren R. Brown, Igor V. Chilingarian, Daniel Fabricant, Michael J. Kurtz, Sean Moran, Jaehyon Rhee, Susan Tokarz, William F. Wyatt
The Astronomical Journal, January 2021,
Volume 161, Issue 1, id.3, 12 pp.

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FAST spectra are not
photometrically calibrated
unless otherwise noted.

A Quarter-Century (Almost) of Spectra from FAST
by Jessica Mink, Jaehyon Rhee, Sean Moran, and Warren Brown
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII.
ASP Conference Series, Vol. 522, Proceedings of a conference held (22-26 October 2017)
at Sheraton Santiago Convention Center, Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Edited by Pascal Ballester, Jorge Ibsen, Mauricio Solar, and Keith Shortridge.
San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2020, p.655, April 2020.

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